Textiles 2

Helen wasn’t in today and had set no cover work so we were at a bit of a loss for the most of the lesson until Colin came in saying that we should do some sketches for our initial designs.
Unfortunately I had no primary images to work from, as needed photos of the buildings, people of Birmingham etc so I managed to talk my way into going into the centre of town for 3 hours to take pictures (and buy this amazing top in Cow for £20!). I took photos of all the landmarks: Selfridges, Bull, Rag Market, Food Market etc. However as I took more and more pictures it was the people who fascinated me more and more and what they were doing. I kept finding people together or going about their daily business and want to include them into my final piece:
This fixation on people made me think about the composition of the piece, I began thinking of placing a friend and me at the foreground having coffee while Birmingham is behind us perhaps?
From these photos I have done a few sketches but need to do more. I want to photocopy them, cut them out and place them on an A1 card for future reference of the composition.
2013-11-17 16.26.45
2013-11-17 16.26.57
In the afternoon we had another cover teacher and she suggested that I should research into Timorous Beasties who are a design company based in Glasgow and work in a variety of media (http://www.timorousbeasties.com/). What struck a cord with me was their wallpaper which through the reference to images of the cityscape, they have articulated an exclusively urban genre focusing on the under belly of urban social realism.
images (5)
images (4)

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